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"When I write an advertisement I don't want you to tell me that you find it 'creative'. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product."    - david ogilvy


Eidolon is a company of business strategy, with communications and marketing capabilities embedded.  Our company name is taken from two meanings;

1. Phantom  (and)

2. Ideal

Our name denotes the way we work: we strive to be an ideal standard in our business, and we are often your unseen partner.  Our goal is to be additive or foundational to the structure and success of your vision.

Our business model reflects a shift from a multilayered employee base to networking and subcontracting with experts, project by project. Each client represents a unique plan, and our ability is to be able to bring in the best of the best on an as needed basis, rather than to retain a large staff. This ensures each project is competitively analyzed with multiple bids, and is consistently vetted by a process that earns it’s place rather than assumes it. We are the project managers and developers, dedicated to putting out stellar products and strategies with the most competitive bids in the market.



Eidolon is a communications and business strategy company.  Our goal is to partner with projects of passion and purpose.



Our strength is in revealing yours.  We listen.  We're always willing to learn and when we feel a conversation is needed, we'll bring it to the table.



Traditional marketing.  Social marketing.  Public relations.  Media strategy.  The three legged stool of TV, Radio and Print is now a multi-legged landscape, not to be managed in a vacuum.  We match opportunity to your goal with a smart cost efficient plan.



We help strengthen your brand, reaching your audience, and communicating your message with fresh and creative content.  Traditional media placement such as television and radio, online and print, social media, website development, and production…we’ll handle it all.



Have you ever met a successful person or business who didn't work?  We'll introduce you to our clients and you can ask for yourself.  We work.

Build your platform. Grow your share. Advertise your message.


We take what you do and what you’re most passionate about, and help you define what you want to have seen by the public. We believe that messaging and creating the most effective outreach comes from finding out what you want to accomplish, and how. Building a platform is a morphing of ideas, and sometimes it takes many turns before it feels “just right”. We want to make sure that the way you’re seen isn’t just effective, it feels great to you.


There’s a plethora of options on how to create a campaign. Social Media is important as a general rule, but if you’re a private person, you may not want a Facebook page for yourself, but you may want one for your business that someone else manages. A website is a critical facet, but the size and maneuverability of it should match your offerings. Perhaps you need someone to look at what you’re already doing, and identify how to update your current strategies. If you’re starting from scratch, we can decide the effective methods for you, and then decide together what you’re willing to commit to with a timeline for goal attainment. It’s a plethora of options, and more doesn’t always translate to most effective in our opinion.


We’re an agency within. After we’ve built your platform, we break down the most effective means for you to be seen and heard. Traditional media placement such as television and radio, online and print, social media, website development, and production…we’ll handle it all.

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