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let the world meet you

Planning & Execution

We are able to take all of your goals for your event and personalize it in a way that will facilitate not only a successful moment in time, but a memorable occasion that will leave a trademark on your attendees. Let us take your "bored-room" meeting and turn it into a productive company forum!   From conferences to speaker engagements, parties or meetings, we’ve got this covered.

Promotions and Sponsorships

Sometimes an event requires sponsors.  We can partner with you to find the perfect sponsor, and work with you to best manage and cater to them in support of your event.  We have years of experience and the right contacts to not only help you raise the funds you seek, to demonstrate value for the sponsor as to their involvement, and to maximize their exposure in exchange.  With our mission of partnering with projects of passion and purpose, we take on events that are motivating for us to promote.   

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