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Selling your vision.



Sales of your business or product can take many different forms.  From messaging to launching, to branding and creating an image, Eidolon can help you with any or all of the steps.  We love the selling process, and we feel strongly that "sales" should never be a bad word.  When we work with you to help you to craft a sales strategy, it all starts with matching what you've got to who wants it.   We think that selling should be a mix of fun, education, and focused targeting.



Sales Training


Eidolon will come in to your business to do a one time or series of sales training seminars.  These seminars are approximately 2 hours in length for maximum training effectiveness.


These are samples of seminars we can cater to you:

"Business development."

"Asking the right questions; knowing your customer."
"How to close."


Business Outreach & Development:

Direct cold calls are a fact of life when it comes to marketing and sales.  Not always, but there are often times that crop up that require a knock on a door.  We can help you prepare you or your team for this kind of approach, or we’re happy to do it for you, depending on the situation.  We’ve put on a lot of miles meeting new people, and we love it. 


If you own a business that requires a frontman and you don’t have one…Eidolon specializes in coming out from behind the curtain to perform your launch pitch to your targeted audience or customer.  Our team will identify your needs and your message, and utilize your input and presence as the expert on hand while we take on the role as public speaker.  Sometimes our clients don’t want to present.  We get it.

However….if you want to become a spokesperson and don’t have time for toastmasters… we will help to train YOU to become the best
public speaker that you can be.  We will privately train you to perfect your message and your talk points so that when your sale is on the line, you’ve got the skills to perform.   We will create your slide decks and review your talking points as many times as it takes for you to know what you need to do in that crucial moment.

Sales Launch

When you launch a business or product, there are steps that need to happen for success to occur.  Eidolon can take on part or all of your required needs in this process:

Identifying Target Market
Launch Events
Sales Training for method and message

“Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”  

Shannon Alder

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