Why We Are Different

The economy is a mirror to the trends that we're all seeking in business: everyone wants to do more with less, and still do it with stellar quality and outcomes. We've taken a hard look at what companies - both big and small - are looking for with contracted partners.  As a streamlined company, we're able to provide some of the most competitive bids for jobs you need completed, with the highest level of professionalism and quality.  We partner with talented companies for art, design and some production.  This gives us flexibility and diversity in our work.  Our goal is to be the most effective at managing our finances and business trajectory of success with as little overhead as possible. It creates flexibility, the opportunity to make quick change, and the ability to take on jobs of all sizes. We know what you want.  We want the same!  

Chris Munroe


With a background in communications, including media, marketing, film and production and advertising, Chris represents over 25 years of visual and creative marketing.   For clients that may need an advertising strategy or consult on a brand, development of new business outreach, or production management of all variations, he is able to navigate the myriad of options available.  His years of agency work coupled with his love and experience in client relations have made him an invaluable source of information for Eidolon clients that are hoping to gain the most in depth advice for their marketing solutions. His interests are particularly focused on finding the right visual, message, and outreach strategy for each client.

I don’t believe in the statement…”it’s not personal, it’s business”.  Everything we do in life is personal, especially something we spend so much time doing.   My clients and coworkers become an extension of who I am, which is why we’re particular about the contracts that Eidolon signs.  My goal for our clients is to take their goals and needs to form a business solution that is results based, completely customized, and ultimately, mirrors a high level of trust and respect.  Success is important: it’s the bottom line.  How we accomplish that is our compass, and Eidolon will stand on the philosophy that phenomenal business starts with outstanding personal treatment.

Education: B.S.; Business Administration & Marketing,  University of New Hampshire

Most likely to be compared to: My mom says I look like Jerry Seinfeld, friends say Sergio Garcia.  I like Sergio, he’s younger.

Favorite Sports Hero: Bobby Orr and Phil Mickelson.

Bucket List: Florida Keys, golf Ireland and Scotland, live on Martha’s Vineyard, learn to cook (for real, not survival).

Fun Facts: Love a good cigar: Perdomo. I don’t think I’ve ever spent a night in a tent! My best round of golf is a 73

Madison McDade

Account Management

A recent graduate from the University of Alabama with a Business degree in Marketing and Advertising, Madison brings a fresh new approach to the Eidolon team. She is excited to return to Alaska and implement her creative approach to problem solving and customer service. She has the capability of working in sync with individuals and teams to come up with the best solutions for each client. She understands there is more than one approach to creative thinking. ROLL TIDE!


Education:   BS; Marketing and Advertising the University of Alabama

Most likely to be compared to: Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

Bucket List: Cage dive with Great Whites in South Africa. Swim with Whale Sharks in the Galapagos. Go to an Elephant polo match. Go to Dubai. Go back to Italy and really appreciate the art.

Fun Facts: I may have been a debutante but I wore converse under my dress. I am an art history fanatic. I commissioned a portrait of my dog, Clark. My mother and I speak in a secret language.


Business Strategy