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Marketing Strategy

We take what you do, and help you define what you want to have seen by the public.  We believe that messaging and creating the most effective outreach comes from finding out what you want to accomplish, and how. The concept of marketing, to us, is like writing your story with you, and for you. 


How we write your story

There are many different ways to share your story.  It's our job to find out exactly what you want shared with the world.  We'll ask a lot of questions, and will learn a lot about your business.  We want to know what your competitors are doing, and how to make you stand out. Marketing as a general concept has a plethora of, print, TV, social can be overwhelming with the constant change in both technology and consumers.   We think that "more" is not always better. We try to bring focus and a hierarchy of strategy to this theme.  Sometimes, we'll encourage you not to concern yourself with what the competition is doing and just 'do what you do".  (We have that attitude!)


Eidolon Philosophy

Our goal is to find out what you want to accomplish, and make it happen. Each marketing project requires different skills and methods, and we take it one page at a time to author an outcome that you'll be thrilled to see and read about.  It’s what we do.




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